Hotel Bethlehem Ice Cream Parlor

Although they do sell beloved Penn State ice cream, is the experience and the limited flavors worth going?

By: Nolan Grejda

The Hotel Bethlehem ice cream parlor, home to Penn State Creamery, started in 2014 in the hotel itself. As sales were rising and it became popular, they located the parlor across the street from the hotel. This being a brave move in 2018, they started to sell Penn State ice cream because there are many Penn State graduates who live in the Lehigh Valley, the owners found it fitting to sell something many of these people enjoy. And, although 500 gallons of this ice cream are brought every month from State College, I’ll be putting some of their flavors and the overall experience to the test. 

After walking by a couple of stores on Main Street, you will come across the Hotel Bethlehem creamery with a lit-up sign welcoming you in. And, if the experience couldn’t get any better, there is a candy shop right next door! The inside of the shop is simple yet bold. With Penn State Lion paws on the floor directing you where to stand, the creamery is welcoming and inviting. Although the creamery is welcoming, it seems very quiet due to the fact of the pandemic and the number of people allowed in the store at once. 

Although the store is small and only sells limited flavors, the ice cream flavor options are to die for. As you can get the classics of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, you can also get their famous Alumni Swirl and Thon Golden Ribbon Ripple flavors that I would rate a 9 out of 10. Although there are more fan-favorite flavors like cookies and cream, death by chocolate, and peanut butter swirl, there is a downside – these limited flavors don’t provide the largest variety. Because of this, finding what you want may be difficult.

The Hotel Bethlehem ice cream parlor is an ice cream parlor that I would recommend. As you won’t see the wide variety of flavors that other ice cream shops may offer, this shop provides out-of-the-box flavors like the Alumni Swirl and it isn’t too pricey, a scoop starting at $3.50. In the end, I would rate my overall experience an 8 out 10 and would recommend you go and try the limited, yet delicious ice cream flavors they have to offer.







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