King Kone & The Jungle Kafe VS. Ice Cream World

By: Abigail Christman

King Kone & the Jungle Kafe is an ice cream parlor that has a jungle theme located in Whitehall, PA. They have homemade waffle cones and many different ice cream flavors. King Kone & the Jungle Kafe is usually known as “King Kone.” King Kone is located at 5503 MacArthur Road, Whitehall, PA 18052. Because of Covid-19 precautions, when you go to King Kone you have to wear a mask and the staff is required to disinfect the surfaces between the visits.

King Kone has many different options to choose from. They carry Italian Ice, vegan options, different sundaes and so many different options to choose from in the ice cream. They have soft serve ice cream as well as hard ice cream. 

When I go to King Kone, I will choose from a few different options: a banana float with no pineapple, a rootbeer float with orange creamsicle ice cream, a rootbeer float with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, or my favorite, a medium butter pecan ice cream cone with a pretzel cone and chocolate sprinkles. At King Kone the servings are quite large and everything tastes so amazing. The staff is also so welcoming: they are quick, efficient, yet patient and make sure that your ice cream is the best it can be. The staff is also sure to keep the environment clean and safe with all of the people coming in and out and with the current Covid-19 precautions. They have a seating area where you can sit to eat your ice cream which is known as “the Jungle Kafe.”

One thing I have to say about King Kone is that they do not have a rewards program. I go there quite often, at least once a week, and if they would have a rewards program where you get a certain amount of money off after you reach a certain amount, it would be amazing. 

While King Kone is an amazing ice cream parlor there is an ice cream parlor known as Ice Cream World that is not so amazing. Ice Cream World is an ice cream parlor located at 3512 Hamilton Boulevard, Allentown, PA, 18103. Ice Cream World opens at 10am every morning and closes at 11pm. Masks are required upon entering. 

Even though the hours are quite flexible at Ice Cream World, the service is easily one of the most negative experiences. The first time I ever went to Ice Cream World it was the worst. Because the sizes were not posted, I asked them what the sizes were and I got talked down too, which made me feel like I was stupid. The staff member went “uh it’s basic ice cream sizes, pick one.” I work in retail and work with different types of customers all day and that is no way to treat a customer. Also, in Ice Cream World, it is not very clean. They advertise that they sanitize after every visit but every time I’ve been there it has not been clean. The tables are usually messy and there was ice cream spilled on the floor. In my opinion, the ice cream doesn’t taste that good. Their ice cream is not creamy and more overpowered with the ice than anything. But one thing about Ice Cream World is that it is very affordable. 

Overall, I would much rather spend extra money at King Kone than spend a little money at Ice Cream World. King Kone is out of the way for me but I’d go there any day of the week. Sanitization is one of the biggest factors people look at because of the Covid-19 precautions and King Kone has much better sanitization than Ice Cream World. At the end of the day, an ice cream parlor is an ice cream parlor and everyone is going to have their own opinion, but I would recommend King Kone.






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