Chemtrails Over the Country Club: Lana Del Rey’s Newly Released Delicate yet Expressive Album

Photo from @lanadelrey instagram

By: Olivia Bowersox

“Chemtrails Over the Country Club” is Lana Del Rey’s sixth album which was released just months ago in March. This album features 11 songs, one of which was let out months before the actual album was released. The song, “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”, was released in January as a sneak peak into what Del Rey had in store for her fans. This album beautifully shows her authentic, delicate personal experience through the magical, poetic form of each and every song in this album.

With the opening track “White Dress”, Del Rey takes us all back to her Lizzy Grant era, her pre-fame name and time period, talking about her times of waitressing before she got her big break. With Del Rey making the most dull of tasks, “washing my hair, doing the laundry” sound blissful and paradisal, this album gives a completely nostalgic and idyllic euphoria to any listener. This album focuses strongly on the loneliness she has felt as a celebrity with lines such as, “it kind of makes me feel like maybe I was better off,” sharing her occasional desire to go back to her pre-fame, waitressing life. We see this theme even stronger in the songs, “Dark But Just A Game” and “Wild At Heart.”

Many fans have made connections to her previous 2019 album, “Norman…Rockwell”, with her continuation of the dark side of the American dream. Although some may disagree with her idea of the harsh reality of the American dream, she fixates on a behind the scenes point of view we don’t see much. In the song “Dark But Just A Game,” Lana Del Rey talks about the dark, unwanted side of the American dream with, “don’t even want what’s mine / much less the fame.”

With Del Rey’s expression of her own personal experiences and struggles throughout this album, it’s easy to say most could find a way to connect through her relatable lonely and opinionated feelings. This delicate and softly sung album is perfect for any occasion, from doing homework to a night with friends in need of some music.







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