We’re Going to Greece

By: Katherine Medina

Salisbury High School teacher Mrs. Wilson and middle school teacher Mr. Tobias have planned a trip to a country teeming with ancient landmarks, Greece. This 9 day trip with cruising, beach time, and hospitality, all included with the cost, will take place in June of 2022. The non school-sponsored trip will take a flight to Athens and depart from Athens when the time comes. Chaperones include Mrs. Wilson and Mr. Tobias. Trip pricing will be discussed with families who are interested. Fundraisers can be organized to help out with the payment, but for the 7th- 12th graders who decide to enroll early, a discount will be added. Other amenities included in the trip are meals and entry to museum(s). It has been confirmed that free time to roam the peninsula is allowed.

High School anatomy teacher Mrs. Wilson says, “I am super excited to have so many students traveling with us” after finding out 18 total students will be going so far. She also says, “Greek food is something I cannot wait to try.” 

Senior traveler Cameran Pester says, “I am most excited about the scenery I would see and getting to meet new people.” Cameran has never had Greek food but he will make sure to check it off his list . Also, he hopes by the time he goes on the trip he will have had it all paid back.

In addition, who would’ve thought college credits can be earned while relaxing in Greece. Southern New Hampshire University will be giving out 3 college credits transferable through most colleges. Tuition fee is $215 paid to Southern New Hampshire University.

Along with the college credit consideration, EFtours, the tour company Salisbury is partnering with, is giving out a number of $1,000 scholarships based on students’ grades and financial need. After committing to the trip, students can access the scholarship application on EFtours website. 

Take a flight and fly higher than a falcon in the Summer of 2022. Eye catching sights, breathtaking waters, and phenomenal landmarks are all tied into these opportunities. There is still time from now until April of 2022, and Greece will be awaiting. 

Any students between 7th – 12th graders are welcome to go on the trip. Teacher/Chaperone  contact information is provided below.

Mrs. Wilson – swilson@salisburysd.org 

Mr. Tobias – mtobias@salisburysd.org 

For more information on college credit opportunities, safety and more visit the EFtours link







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