Summer Job Opportunities

By: Mason Dickert

During the summer students can apply for jobs in their area. If you are looking to make some money to go shopping, or other teenager needs, you should look into getting a job that fits your schedule. If you do not know where to search for a job, but would like to earn some money, check your email, because Mr. Anderson, a counselor at Salisbury High School, is always updating the students with opportunities. 

When looking for a job, make sure you have a resume. A resume will help employers know more about you, and may also help you get certain jobs. Thomas Lovelidge, a freshman at Salisbury High School states, “The process actually took quite a long time. When I applied for my job at Rita’s it took a little over a week for them to get back to me. Then they scheduled the interview a week or so later.  After the interview, it took a little over two weeks for them to call me and tell me I received the job. During this process, I was most anxious to see if I could get an interview, and then to see if I got the job. The only part that was stressful during it was before the interview because this is real life, you don’t want to mess up.”

As stated, this process could take a while, but the outcome is very rewarding. Money is not the only reward of getting jobs, they will also help you get careers with the skills that you have from previous jobs. When you get a job you also meet new people which is a chance to make new friends that you enjoy being around. This also makes the workspace more enjoyable.

Dylan Moyer, a senior at Salisbury High School states, “My current employer “Mama Minnitis” took over the locally-owned restaurant of “Magias Friendly Italian” which I used to work at. When the change happened the restaurant took a turn for the better and I decided to continue working there under new management.” He would also recommend jobs for “other students due to the struggle to be independent in high school, when you have a job and some money to spend everything becomes a lot easier for you and your parents while also keeping you busy while learning your job more as you go.”

Summer jobs are very serious and a great way to start off your career in the industry. If you are considering jobs during the summer, but do not know where to start, here are some options for you: Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom, Giant Food Stores, Fast Food Places, Ritas, Red Robin, PuttU, Ice Cream World, The Crust, and a selection of Promenade shops.






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