Outer Banks: A Netflix Review

By: Olivia Bowersox & Haylee Leayman

About one year ago, a new Netflix series came out that teens and adults were crazing over. Outer Banks is a 10 episode TV show about teens on a treasure hunt for gold on the coast of North Carolina-Outer Banks. It is focused around two groups, “the pogues,” the lower class of the coast and “the kooks,” the upper class of the coast. The two groups of teens are very divided and this creates conflicts in the show. The show is largely focused on the summer, so it would be no shock if the “sometime in 2021” season two release date was in the summer. 

Olivia’s Review: To start off, I thought the show had a great concept, but was poorly executed. The show had way too many plot holes that were beyond unrealistic. For example, one of the main characters, John B, was living on his own as a minor in extremely unhealthy conditions. There were services that came to evaluate his living situation and life, but how does he manage to escape them everytime? Also, the plot really dragged on in my opinion. It seemed as if it wasn’t thought through enough. In episode four, we see Sarah Cameron and John B disguise themselves to take an “adventure” to a place Sarah and her family had connections to, yet Sarah’s father never found out. How is it nobody recognized Sarah? Her father is an alumni, and their disguises weren’t very well thought out, but nobody batted an eyelash. Throughout the show, the kooks, Topper and Rafe, are constantly seen harassing the pogues and doing drugs. They even beat up JJ, one of the main pogues, in the back of a fancy annual dinner party. It’s mentioned more than once that the Outer Banks is this small town, and Rafe’s father is a big, important man. How did nobody ever realize what was going on? The whole idea of a tv show is to make a story for the viewers, but this story has way too many plot holes for it to be a good one. All tv shows are unrealistic, but normally there aren’t so many plot holes you’re left wondering about, and I think that is the most unrealistic part of this show.

Haylee’s Review: On the other hand,  I think this show was adequate. The plot had many twists and turns that kept watchers like me hooked. My favorite character in the show was Kiara because of her strong activist personality. She would talk often about saving the earth and being for the people. I also liked the character development of Sarah Cameron. She was oblivious to many things in the beginning of the show but slowly opened her eyes to what her life was. One of my favorite parts of this show is that it wasn’t focused on just one main character like John B per say, it gave you a look into each character’s life and problems they were facing. For example, if we didn’t know how Kiara’s parents felt about her hanging out with “the pogues,” she would be a less interesting character. Another example is with the character JJ. He doesn’t have a good family life at home, and it explains his actions in the show and his mind set. Because of the detailed information about many characters, viewers can find someone to connect with.The show does have some parts that wouldn’t play out the same in our lives; that is the point of a TV show, to create a fictional story. This is why viewers like me enjoyed the show. The show isn’t based on true events so there is no reason for it to fit into our world perfectly. This show is for entertainment and not to represent real people, so I feel it was enjoyable!

This show hit summer like a truck and had almost every teenager watching it. Have you watched this show? Did you like it? If you did, you will also probably like “The Society,” “I Am Not Ok With This,” “Stranger Things,” and “Grand Army.” If you didn’t like this show, you’d probably like “Gossip Girl”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “American Horror Story”, and “Glee.” Whose opinion do you agree with more?






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