Earth Day at Salisbury

Haylee Leayman

Every year, people around the world celebrate Earth Day to appreciate and bring awareness to our atmosphere. Earth Day was started here in the United States after the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. It brought attention to how we need to be more careful and take care of our planet. It is now a global holiday. 

This year, Earth Day was on Thursday, April 22. Students at Salisbury Elementary School picked up trash, Mrs. Basile sold t-shirts, and Coach Cerco took our football team out to clean the stadium. Let’s see what else Salisbury did for Earth day.

Mrs. Wascura, a teacher at Salisbury High School,  took the initiative to do something with her students for Earth day. She said, “every year I take my Environmental Science kids out on Earth Day and clean up campus. This year I included my Physical Science class also because my class numbers are so small due to hybrid scheduling. We wander around all sides of the school picking up any types of trash we see.” 

“This year was cleaner than usual around the school building itself! We only found small things like gum wrappers, some broken plastic pieces, and some cigarette butts along the sidewalks and street.  However, when we went into the stadium and down the back of the property behind the baseball field, we were able to find LOTS of things to pick up. We found many old balls, plastic and glass bottles, and a lot of candy wrappers and miscellaneous trash,” she explained.

Mrs. Wascura also said she included her fully online students by asking them to send photos of them doing activities such as planting, weeding, recycling, and some students made Earth Day Awareness posters. She said, “It’s important to me to get outside for Earth Day to do something related to the Earth.  It doesn’t have to be clean-up. By seeing first-hand the way that people treat our neighborhoods, I’m hopeful that this can encourage kids to think before they drop a candy wrapper or throw a bottle into the woods.”

It’s great to see Salisbury students and teachers step up to celebrate our planet!






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