Book Review: Sadie Robertson’s Live

By: Kiara Jones

Sadie Robertson, New York Times best selling Christian author of Live, is a television personality and social media influencer. She is best known for starring on her family’s reality TV series, Duck Dynasty, and appearing on season 19 of Dancing With The Stars.

During the summer of 2020, I decided to purchase her latest book, Live. In this book, Sadie reflects on personal instances where she was fearful and how her faith in God helped her overcome her fear-driven life. While this book does include stories, it also includes verses and stories from the Bible, uplifting sayings, and photographs.

One instance where she overcame fear in her life was mentioned in chapter 14, “One, Two, Jump!” She jumped out of an airplane that was going 140 miles per hour at 14,000 feet above the ground. She wrote, “I quit running away from what frightened me and ran straight into it instead as fast as I could. Every time I did this, boldness rose up in me. After running into so many scary situations recently and learning how to have peace through them, I asked myself, “What could I do to slap fear in the face?” Immediately I thought of skydiving.”

Without a doubt, everyone has been fearful in their life or came across a situation they wish they could have avoided. This book can be beneficial to everyone because it is truthful and relatable. It shows that you don’t have to live your life with worry, distress and fear. Instead, it shows you can push past your fears and overcome them through God’s help.

After reading this book, I felt inspired. It is real and fulfilling. It’s impact and God personally helped me to overcome fearful situations in my life.

You would enjoy this book if you like reading young adult nonfiction, are a christian, fearful and looking for help through God. If you’ve kept up with Sadie Robertson throughout her public life, you will also enjoy reading this book to also see her real and relatable side of life. Truly, this book displays the truth about fear and how you don’t have to believe the lies about it.







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