Catch up with our Ambitious Superintendent

Battling Against COVID-19 While Taking on the Work of Two Jobs

By: Olivia Bowersox

Even when life is normal, I think it’s safe to say the job of superintendent is very difficult. In the middle of a pandemic, our assistant superintendent was asked to step up as superintendent. Not only did she step up willingly, but insisted she do the job with no assistant.

Mrs. Fuini-Hetten is the current superintendent, previously assistant superintendent. There’s no other way to describe her than a kind, ambitious, and hardworking person. Mrs. Fuini-Hetten graduated college in 3 ½ years. “Once I started college, I found my niche and got focused.” She started off as a 6th grade teacher at Salisbury Middle School. During this time she also worked as an instructional coach, instructional support teacher, and acting assistant principal. She began working towards her certification to be a school principal. She ended in a job in the Salisbury administration where she soon after started working towards the superintendent letter of eligibility. 

So what drives someone to want to be a superintendent? “Most days I love being superintendent. I have the opportunity to connect with so many people in this role.” Fuini-Hetten says her favorite part of being superintendent is bringing the community together and the personal connections you can make with so many throughout the district.  

So, what is it like having to make final, big decisions for an entire school district during a pandemic? “While I really wanted to be superintendent, I was less excited about leading during the pandemic. The job is difficult and very complex. Regardless of what decision is made, it feels as though someone is dissatisfied.” Mrs. Fuini-Hetten had been prepared to step up as superintendent for a while now, however this step up was earlier than expected. Regardless of the surprising timing and pandemic, she loves the job and the people who work side by side with her. “I am very thankful for the support which surrounds me. Our faculty and staff are really doing the heavy lifting.”

Mrs. Fuini-Hetten chose to step up as superintendent without filling the job of assistant because she had the confidence that she could do it. She wanted to see what the job was like firsthand for the first 6 months. This eager and determined decision gave her the opportunity at settling into the job while providing the benefit of budget savings in a time of a struggling budget. Mrs. Fuini-Hetten is exactly the superintendent everyone would want for their district. She’s involved, ambitious, hard working, and kind-hearted.   






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