Graduation 2021

By: Krystle Mohry and Abigail Christman

In December of 2020, Mrs. Pavkovic, Ms. Morningstar’s administrative assistant, sent out an email explaining graduation. Later on, in the beginning of March, Salisbury seniors received an email about graduation changes. In the first document she announced that seniors of the class of 2021 would be graduating Tuesday, June 8, 2021 at Miller Symphony Hall in Allentown, PA. Graduation would take place at 6pm. She also included the rehearsal times for graduation. The first rehearsal was Thursday, June 3, 2021 and it would take place in the Salisbury High School new gym. The second rehearsal was Monday, June 7, 2021 at Miller Symphony Hall. There will be busing provided to students who need transportation. In this portion of the document, Mrs. Pavkovich also said, “Do not schedule work, appointments or college orientations for these times.” This is to assure all students understand what is going on at graduation, and how graduation is going to work. 

Mrs. Pavkovic said that each student will receive six tickets. “Maximum request is 2 additional tickets per graduate,” said Mrs. Pavkovich. In April of 2021, students would be able to receive the extra two tickets if graduation was taking place at Miller Symphony Hall.

In order for the school to receive a proper amount of caps and gowns, seniors were supposed to fill out a form that was linked on the document. This document asked if the senior wanted to walk at graduation and if they were going to request additional tickets.

On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, Ms. Morningstar sent out an email called “Save the Date” to all the seniors. A flier was connected with the updated graduation information. The updated information is that as of now graduation will take place in the Salisbury High School stadium. It is supposed to take place on June 8, 2021 but the rain date is June 9, 2021. Both dates will have graduation taking place at 6pm. “Due to current gathering restrictions, tickets will be limited to 4 per student”, said Ms. Morningstar in the bottom of the flier about graduation. 

On the day of graduation June 8th, graduation will be livestreamed for family members who cannot attend. If it gets rained out, graduation will also be live streamed on the rain date. 

Because of Covid-19, there will only be one rehearsal for graduation. All mandates from Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf will be followed. For instance, some rules that we have to follow are mask mandates, the six feet rule, and making sure every senior who attends is not showing symptoms of COVID-19. Tentatively the last day for seniors is four days before graduation, June, 4th. The last day for underclassmen is June 11th. Salisbury High School will follow all of Pennsylvania Governor Wolf’s restrictions whether they increase or decrease and will make accommodations as much as they need. Please check by next week to see a snippet of seniors giving their reactions and thoughts on graduation!






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