A Young Entrepreneur

A Walk Through Karla Medina’s Glass Art Business

By Katherine Medina

People consume music in a variety of ways such as CD’s, vinyl and music apps which help us reach our favorite songs in an instant. As 14 year old Karla Medina, with an ambition of sales since a very young age, noticed changes in the music business around her, she explored ways to represent music through art. Coming across viral videos on the internet of glass album covers, she quickly put her thoughts into action and had her business started in July of 2020. “Moving from lemonade stand sales at age 10 to glass album covers sales at age 14 targeted two different audiences but I was up for the challenge,” says Karla.

She grew up with many people who pushed her including older siblings and other role models. Karla’s big family and age seem to be no obstacle for her business. She says,“It feels good to own something for yourself.”


Karla’s album covers consist of a thin sheet of glass with a photo of the album cover on the upper half of the sheet. The name of a song, artist and time bar lays below the album cover and the spotify QR code is an optional addition at no extra cost that is placed on the bottom right corner. Pricing for this product is $12 a piece and since Karla’s business has been receiving orders from outside states like New York, Ohio, Florida and Texas, she charges $5 shipping fee. Free delivery for all of Allentown, Pennsylvania is available. Packages come carefully and neatly wrapped for the buyer.

Karla receives orders through her business instagram account, designs.by.karla, which is also listed on the business card. As time goes on Karla will be coming out with new products such as her newly released album cover keychains, selling for $13 dollars, that mix sparkle and color all in one palm sized keychain. Karla says “I am excited to see the growth of my business and I hope my hard work shows through my art.” 







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