Working In A Grocery Store During a Pandemic

By: Morgan Strubeck

As many people are probably aware, grocery stores have been open during this entire pandemic. Many Salisbury students work at the nearest grocery store to make some money. 

Giant on Emmaus Avenue is one of the many grocery stores where you can run into students working. Since the end of October, Sativa Stecker has been working at Giant. I caught up with her to ask some questions about working in a grocery store during this unimaginable pandemic.

“Working at a grocery store during a pandemic can be a bit scary because you could potentially get Covid-19 without knowing.” Being at the register you are constantly getting new customers and touching many things. Sativa said, “I am very comfortable working at the grocery store because the store is taking as many precautions as they can. The store has the workers use cleaning supplies after every customer, as well as having signs to advise people to stay six feet apart while in the checkout line. Giant also requires all customers to wear a mask while in the store.”

The one thing that caught Sativa’s attention was that some people have been going into the store without a mask. Sativa was saying, “they can ask someone who doesn’t have a mask to wear one but if they say no they can’t do anything about it.” Sativa stated how uncomfortable she was checking out someone with no mask on, but there is nothing she could do about it. She saw some interesting things people used as a mask since they did not have an actual mask, including a man’s pair of underwear as a mask which she thought was strange. 

Even though the grocery store was open she said, “There were a couple of co-workers who got covid due to not socially distancing and wearing a mask properly from coming in and out of the office but later stated, it was bound to happen.” Sativa was very lucky not being in contact with those people who got covid. Sativa said, “we can end this pandemic if everyone does their end of the job of wearing a mask and socially distancing.” 







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