Key Club’s Wawa Hoagie Fundraiser

By: Kiara Jones

Salisbury High School’s Key Club is currently holding a Wawa hoagie fundraiser to raise money for the club. 

150 shorti hoagie coupons were bought from Wawa through their fundraising program. Each member was assigned an electronic order form to take orders. To receive a hoagie, the consumer must pay $5 to receive a coupon that is eligible for one shorti hoagie at Wawa. Cash is accepted and checks made out to the Salisbury High School Key Club are also accepted as payment.

The pandemic has caused changes in everything including fundraising. Key Club President, Krystal Aungst, stated that due to COVID-19, “We have a lot of restrictions right now.” She told me fundraising is a lot more difficult this year than it was before. 

When asked about where the fundraising money goes, Krystal said the money can be used for when Key Club goes to the Special Olympics.

Another Key Club member, Bryn Kubinsky, shared her opinion on the fundraiser saying, “Because Wawa is loved by so many people in this area, selling these coupons is a great way for Key Club to raise money!”

With the difficulty of doing a fundraiser in this unprecedented time, Key Club appreciates all the people willing to help out. As for the fundraiser deadline, all Wawa hoagie orders are due by April 12th.







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