The Start of the Fourth Quarter

By: Shauna Connelly

Friday, April 9th marks the start of the fourth quarter at Salisbury. With this, some students will be switching electives. 

For many students, this can provide a fresh start. However, those who are unprepared may struggle to adjust to their new schedule. 

In an email interview, Mrs. Moyer, a guidance counselor here at Salisbury, wrote, “If he/she (a student) doesn’t have a good attitude it may make the transition more difficult.  However, on the flip side, the switch may be exactly what the student needed/wanted.”

To continue, Mrs. Moyer expressed what she thinks is the biggest challenge for students who are transitioning electives: adjusting to their new schedule. 

Mrs. Moyer wrote, “I would think the most challenging part about the transition is the learning curve. Part of that learning curve may involve a new classroom, a different learning environment, another teacher with a unique style of instructing and managing his/her classroom.” 

Furthermore, Mr. Anderson wrote advice for students who are switching classes in the fourth quarter. He emphasized that students should continue to work hard through this unique school year. 

“I think it’s important for students to remember to do their best and try their hardest when switching classes. Switching classes provides students with a “clean slate” to do well.  Particularly with quarter electives as the grade, (what) they earn for the quarter will be their final grade for the year.”

Allison Beckage, a student switching to DIY Crafts and Sociology, said that she is “decently prepared. I would have liked more time in person, to be able to connect with my teachers (from third quarter) more.”

In conclusion, Mrs. Moyer wrote that she would tell students to have a positive mindset during the transition. “Change can be uncomfortable at first, but I truly believe that we learn and grow best when we are out of our comfort zone. So, embrace the change, expect to make mistakes, but learn from those mistakes, have a positive attitude, and JUST DO YOUR BEST each and every day.”






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