Caitlyn Flanagan: “My senior year has been very challenging and emotional”

By: Haylee Leayman

Picture this: Your senior year gets canceled by a global pandemic that takes away senior prom, your favorite sport/activity, any get-togethers, and homecoming AND you even get the crazy virus. This is actually happening to many seniors across the country including Caitlyn. 

Caitlyn is a senior here at Salisbury High School. When she graduates, she plans to go to college to become a nurse. Because of COVID-19, this year hasn’t been going as planned.

HL: How have your experiences as a senior been during these unprecedented times? 

CF: “My senior year has been very challenging and emotional. I missed out on the whole first half of the year and wasn’t able to go back in the building until the last few months. We didn’t get to have any pep rallies, homecomings, or any other school activities.”

HL: Have you known anyone who has had COVID-19?

CL: “Over the months that we have been in lock down I have heard about a lot of people having Covid and in the beginning of this year, me, my mom and my grandparents all had the virus.”

HL: What are you involved in at our school?

CL: “This year I am not involved in any activities.”

HL: If you are involved in any club or sport, how have they changed because of COVID-19?

CL: “ I play softball and since this all has started we have had nothing, there are no practices, no games, no get togethers. I feel that my team has slowly drifted apart and since we don’t know how long this will last I think by the time we can play again it will be too late.”

HL: Is there anything you wish you could have done this year that didn’t happen?

CL:  “I wish a lot of things could have happened that didn’t. I feel that a lot of people missed out on making memories and seeing friends and family. Something everyone looks forward to in high school is their senior and junior prom and class of 2021 missed out on both of those. Prom is one of the last big memories you get to make with your classmates and none of us got to have that experience.”

HL: What do you plan to do after graduating?

CL: “After I graduate I plan on going to college and becoming a nurse, I feel that people are always needed in the medical field and especially during times like these.”

HL: What did you learn about yourself being at home for so long?

CL:  I think the biggest thing I learned is that no matter what is going on there is always a way to figure out a plan. Speaking for myself personally I don’t do well in school. I get distracted easily and have a hard time focusing. Being at home and sort of having to teach myself was very difficult. Staying home and doing school makes it harder to hide from your work, you don’t have teachers following you telling you need to turn in an assignment, you just ignore it all and let it all pile up. 

HL: How did you manage your schoolwork when we first started going online?

CL:. When school first started online I tried to be as organized as I could but it was just so easy to fall behind and get so lost. It’s harder doing school at home because it is so easy to lay in your bed and not pay attention. Where as if you’re in school you have to sit at a desk and can’t do anything else. I think after being home and doing school and then going back to school made such a huge difference in my learning.

As you can see Caitlyn Flanagan is a hard working student. She has persevered through the year and hopefully what’s left of senior year will turn around for her! 






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