Tula Reihman: “Caring, Smart, Funny (occasionally)”

By: Abigail Christman

Tula is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and she could care so much less about what everyone thinks about her. She is one of the most compassionate people in the world. You may be mean to her once but she will always be nice to you. She believes that kindness is key. 

Tula attends Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts which is a charter school in Bethlehem, Pa. The mission for Charts is to “Provide a unique environment that fosters a creative academic approach to learning and a development of talent in the arts.” When I asked Tula why she chose to attend Charter Arts she said, “Mainly the environment that Charts seemed to have, as well as the reputation of excellent academics.” At her school, she said that the teachers are very caring and at school all the students have a purpose even if it’s not the same purpose for everyone. She also said, “Everyone loves what they do.” Charter Arts does not have sports teams, therefore Tula attends sports at Salisbury. She runs tracks, swims, and outside of school sports she dances and does volleyball. Her mom signed her up for volleyball and she said she “fell in love with it almost instantly”.

In Tulas free time, she enjoys reading and writing, she also loves poetry. She would describe herself as a fun person as well as a “nice person as long as you approach with kindness.”

When asked about her reaction to COVID-19 and the quarantine she said, “the quarantine has been, generally a pretty upsetting time.” She also said aside from quarantine, “being at home learning I’ve been able to achieve some pretty great grades, and I’m happy I was able to do so.”

 Another thing that Tula is passionate about learning more about is social justices. She said with all the social justice issues going on over the summer “it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do, and everyday is filled with a lack of motivation.” She also said aside from quarantine “being at home learning I’ve been able to achieve some pretty great grades, and I’m happy I was able to do so.”

At home, Tula’s life can be “kinda crazy.” She lives at home with her parents, and two of her brothers, Baxter and Xavier, sometimes Mahlon comes by but he is currently employed and living in Texas. She also lives with her two dogs.

Tula loves how close Salisbury is to her home. Before attending Charter Arts, she attended Harry S. Truman Elementary School (HST), which is now known as Salisbury Elementary School (SES). When her brothers have soccer games, she loves to attend to see all her old friends and familiar faces as well as when she attends practices. 

When I asked Tula how she would describe herself in three words she said “caring, smart, funny (occasionally)”. Personally, I believe that Tula is caring, smart and funny all the time. She approaches everyone with kindness no matter their background. She always brings light to many situations when you are least expecting it. Tula is also one of the smartest people that I know. She knows a little and a lot about everything depending on the situation. She doesn’t know much about football but she’ll tell you what she does know. She loves to learn about nutrition and can probably tell you almost everything about it. 

There are many different people that Tula looks up too. Specifically she looks up to her two older brothers Mahlon, and Baxter. She said, “They’ve always fona about their lives with a positive mindset, as well as excelled in both their various sports and academics”. She also said “they both continue to inspire me with every action they do, and guide me to be a better person.” 

This was one of the most interesting interviews I have ever had. She really inspired me by showing how such a young person can have so much inspiration and be so well-rounded. When I was finished asking Tula all the questions and our interview came to an end she humorously decided the interview was over and said “the end.” This was a perfect example of the humor Tula has. 







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