Track: Heading into Week Two

By: Shauna Connelly

The number of athletes who originally signed up for the Salisbury Track Team was 50, but the number of student-athletes consistently attending has dropped to 35-40 as of the second week. Those who stuck it out are facing struggles regarding coronavirus.

 Coaches are hoping that student-athletes will get their paperwork submitted and their schedules fixed so they can attend. They have also received recent updates regarding masking and COVID-19 rules. 

Alex Miller, a freshman, decided to join track this year. When asked how she made her decision, Alex said, “My sister used to do track and when I would go and watch her it looked really fun, not just to do, but to be a part of.” 

Track coaches received an update regarding COVID-19 guidelines. The head pole vaulting coach, Mr. Hahn, said in an email interview that masks are still required by coaches, athletes, and spectators. However, athletes can take them off when competing. 

Mr. Hahn wrote, “We just received an update for meets where those individuals who are in the middle of competition can briefly take off their masks (i.e. while running, throwing, jumping, etc.). However, all coaches and anyone standing around, watching, waiting, etc. still need a mask.”

The hardest challenges the squad is facing are related to the pandemic. Practice time is difficult to accommodate for all athletes because half of the students are coming from home, while the other half are coming from school. This makes it hard for coaches to determine a fair time for practice. Mr. Hahn also stated this point when asked what the struggles of this unique season are. 

He said, “Since we did not have our season last spring, we have a lot of new faces and new student-athletes aspiring to compete. Usually we just have the current freshman class who are “newbies” but this year it is almost like the freshman and sophomores are new to it all.” 

In conclusion, members of the track squad are excited about their upcoming meets. As Mr. Hahn said in his email, “We are looking forward to making the most out of this season!” Athletes are continuing to condition in preparation for competition. 



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