A Personal Impact From Texas Snow

This is an image of Lake Lewisville.

By: Alex Miller

On February 13, 2021, Texas was facing a harsh winter storm. The state was losing water, power, and warmth. Since we have seen so much on the news, let’s hear an insider’s point of view. 

Taryn Zinszer, age 25, a resident of Texas, was taking care of his parent’s house while they were out of state. He was without electricity for 3 days in 0-degree weather. Taryn’s sister, her husband, and her 7-month old daughter came over to be taken care of since they also had no electricity. They didn’t have the materials needed to stay warm.

Texans were awake, throughout the night, non-stop to make sure they were warm. Taryn experienced staying out almost the whole night to make sure the generator was working. It was having issues and the gas was freezing. When it was 0° outside, he was trying his best to keep it 60° inside. It was unpredictable for Texas to struggle to keep it 60° in their houses. 

Taryn said, “Nothing has been open or had power for 3 days, no water, no food, and no gas stations.” It got so bad that he had to take gas out of his RV to use it for the generator. He even went to pull gas from multiple vehicles. When he tried to get gas out of his dad’s truck, he lit it on fire. It was a good thing that it was a small fire and he still got the gas out like he needed to. He had to do what he needed to do to stay warm.

“There were only two snow plows for the entire city of Dallas,” Taryn stated. They also don’t use salt there for ice because obviously they aren’t used to snow. He had bathtubs filled with snow for water. He had to get creative for many things so they could stay warm and survive for those couple of days they were stuck inside with frozen pipes and freezing cold weather. 

“All of Lake Lewisville, which is 50 square miles, is completely frozen too,” Taryn stated. “The last time it was this cold in Texas was January 23rd, 1940.”

It’s insane to think that Texas could experience 0° weather. America never expected it to get so bad over there. They definitely didn’t expect it either. The people that were in Texas at this time were brave and strong.






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