Salisbury Spring Sports Start

As spring sports are here, is having games only 2 weeks after the start date too early?

By: Nolan Grejda

As the spring sports season started on March 8th, 2021, games will start as early as March 23rd. Because games will start on the 23rd of March, will student-athletes be able to get enough days to practice to prepare for games, or will this lack of practice time lose games?

The students at Salisbury High School started their spring sports on March 8th; these sports are baseball, boys tennis, boys and girls track & field, and softball. As many seniors graduated last year, teams had to do some recruiting, like boys baseball and tennis trying to get as many new players as they could. Although teams had to do this recruiting, they may fall to an even worse deficit – time. This year, time can either play into these teams’ hands or be their downfall, but that will depend on how well each performs during their first games, matches, and meets. 

“With 2 returning seniors and another 7 sign-ups, this will give us a chance to compete, build a respective team, and we only have 2 weeks to do it,” the varsity boys tennis head coach Stan Fidrych expressed. 

To hear one team’s story, the varsity boys tennis team coached by Stan Fidrych is back up and running. After 6 seniors had graduated last year, the team had to do recruiting this year, gaining over 7 new sign-ups. As these new recruits had to learn the game, the start of the boys tennis season couldn’t have been better; the team was able to get onto the court and the team had finished their first week of practice smoothly. And ready or not, the team travels to Pen Argyl Tuesday, March 23rd for their first match. As this match will only take place after 2 full weeks of practice, the team will need to take all they have learned in those 2 weeks and play as hard as they can to get the win.

As the first week of practices are over and as the second week of practices are starting, the Falcons, in all sports, hope to go into their first match, game, and meet knowing they will perform as best as they can. Even better, the Falcons hope to come out of their firsts with wins to kick start their spring season.






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