Traveling During A Pandemic

By: Morgan Strubeck

Disclaimer: I am not condoning traveling during this pandemic. 

 I traveled during this pandemic from Pennsylvania to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a nice little getaway. Since I am traveling, I am taking all precautions necessary to keep everyone safe such as wearing a mask and social distancing. School has been a little rough this year due to school being online so I was able to get away from all my distractions and focus on school while enjoying some beach time since I chose to stay virtual. Myrtle Beach is where I am currently at and it is a lot different with the weather and people wearing masks during this pandemic. 

While I am here I have noticed a lot has changed with people wearing a mask and not social distancing. This could be from the cases being low and not a lot of deaths here in Myrtle Beach. In general, there are not a lot of people wearing masks properly in public areas such as restaurants, outlets, or resorts. This even goes for the people who work at restaurants and no one is saying anything to them about wearing the mask incorrectly. The third night we walked into a restaurant and there were people walking in without a mask but still getting seated. The rules are mandated in Myrtle Beach that you have to wear a mask in all public places and if you do not comply they could get a $100 fine if they are convicted. 

On top of people not wearing a mask, they are not socially distancing. I went to two different shopping outlets to get a couple of things and yet no one is social distancing, they are making it seem like there is not a pandemic going on. The only time people are social distancing if there is a line set up in front of a store. At the resort I’m staying at, I have noticed that people without masks are not even socially distancing from others in the hallway and are very close to everyone. You may be at a beach but we are still in a pandemic that is real and people are dying from it. 

Ever since I got here I made sure to social distance from everyone that passes by and wear my mask everywhere that I go in public. I do not want COVID-19 nor would I want to accidentally give it to anyone else from not following the rules. Once I leave my room to go somewhere, my mask stays on until I get into the car or when we get on the beach. If someone was really close to me by the beach I would grab my mask and put it on for my safety and for theirs. Not only am I caring about my own safety but I’m also caring for others who are around me. 

Now I do not condone traveling during this pandemic like I said, but if you are traveling please follow the guidelines to keep yourself safe and other people around you. Just because you see other people not wearing a mask and not social distancing does not mean it is right. We can stop the spread of the pandemic just by following the rules correctly-even on vacation.  






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