Salisbury Picture Day: How did it Work?

By: Mason Dickert

Salisbury High School just had picture day on Thursday, February 25 for students M – Z and Tuesday, March 2 for students A – L. All of the students had a certain time they needed to go to the auditorium to get their picture taken. This provides pictures for the yearbook, school IDs, and also for your family if you have ordered pictures. 

“It was quick and easy. They really have it down to a good process,” stated freshman Jack Wasliow 

Picture day was a way for students to get in the auditorium and right back out within minutes. 

Ms. Morningstar said, “I think it’s going well. Mrs. Pavkovic did a great job creating and communicating a schedule that accounts for all groups (A-K, L-Z, and virtual). We’re glad that we were able to partner with Christmas City to provide for pictures in a safe manner, and we’re thankful that they were willing to schedule evening hours so that our virtual students also have an opportunity to have school pictures taken. The no touch / online ordering system is great.”

The way picture day set up was very organized with the safety restrictions that students all had to follow.

“Picture day felt awkward and weird because it was just me and two other kids, and I am not used to that,” stated freshman Jairo Suarez

This picture day was different from all of the other years Salisbury has had it done. The safety requirements may have limited us to how many people we could have in the auditorium, but Salisbury and Christmas City have found a way to make it work.






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