Hybrid Learning in Salisbury – Students Reviews

By: Haylee Leayman

As you know COVID-19 has affected everyone, especially students and the way they learn. Here at Salisbury, we now have a hybrid schedule where students with a last name A – L come in on Monday and Tuesday, and students M – Z come in on Thursdays and Fridays. The two student groups alternate weeks on Wednesdays. Salisbury made this switch in the beginning of the second semester on February 8th. Students can decide to come back to the school on the first of every month. I interviewed a few students to see if they like it all virtual or hybrid better.

First I interviewed Nolan Grejda who is a freshman. He says he likes hybrid a lot more than virtual. He says that it is “…more motivating to go to school in-person than to go look at a laptop all day.” Nolan prefers to be in school.  From 1 to 10, 1 being worst and 10 being best, Nolan would rate the hybrid learning a 5. 

Next I interviewed Olivia Bowersox who is also a freshman. She says that she also feels “It’s easier to get up knowing you are going into the school instead of knowing you will be home all day.” She doesn’t like being online at all though. Both Nolan and Olivia like seeing fellow students and getting to meet their teachers. A negative thing she said is that it’s weird not seeing all her friends and classmates at the school, but she knows it’s for everyone’s safety. From 1 to 10 she would rate hybrid learning a 6.5.

The last student I interviewed was Abigail Christman who is a senior. “Wednesdays’ are hard because students forget so easily when they are supposed to come in. One thing I would change is have Wednesdays be all virtual,” she says. She also talked about how it’s weird to only have a select number of people in your classroom, but still fun to interact with your teachers and the other students there. She also mentioned that, “Lunches are hard because most of my friends are at the end of the alphabet and when someone is absent, sitting alone is sad and boring.” Overall, she would rate hybrid learning a 6.

From other students, I heard more of the same things Nolan and Olivia said, while others prefer their online days better. It varies from person to person and preference. I’m sure everyone would want school to be back to normal but hybrid is the best we can do for now, so we’ll just have to wait to see what the future holds!






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