Salisbury High School Blood Drive

By: Krystal Aungst 

Salisbury High School will be holding a blood drive on March 16th, 2021. The blood drive will be open to students and staff from 12-7pm, and open to the community from 2:30-7pm in the old gym. 

There is a need for blood now more than ever. Because of COVID-19, there has been a dramatic reduction in the blood supply. According to the American Red Cross, someone needs blood every two seconds to address anything from surgeries and severe illnesses to cancer treatments and traumatic injuries. That’s 30 people every minute, 1,800 people per hour, 43,200 people per day and more than 15 million people per year that need blood. The best possible way to help these people is for you to donate blood; your blood could be the reason that someone else is still alive. 

According to biology teacher and organizer of this blood drive, Mrs. Basile states that, “Blood banks, such as Miller Keystone, are always in need of donations and now due to the pandemic the need is greater than ever. Many blood drives have been cancelled over the past year. I am very pleased that we have been able to sponsor/hold 3 drives in this trying time. Becoming a blood donor is a great way to support the community and particularly to support those who are experiencing a medical situation!”

A portion of blood actually comes from blood drives. If the schools aren’t able to have one then it’s more important than ever for us and our classmates to give the gift that keeps on giving. If your school isn’t doing a blood drive then go to to schedule a donation. If you are a student or staff member who is truly interested in donating, then contact Mrs. Basile,, Andrew  Hines,, or Baxter Reihman, for an appointment time. The public should go to and use Sponsor code 0490 or email to schedule an appointment. 

In order to take part in the drive, you must be 16 years of age or older. If you are a student and you donate 3 or more times during your high school career, then you are eligible for the School Hero Red Cord Program. The School Hero Red Cord Program is designed to recognize seniors at their graduation ceremonies for being a blood donor, and to honor them for making significant contributions to their community. In order to receive this you don’t only need to donate at school, you are also able to donate at community blood drives or even at one of the Miller-Keystone’s donor centers. 

Now is your chance, step up and donate. Not only would you be benefiting yourself but you would be benefiting your community. Your blood could help save someone’s life. Take that leap and schedule an appointment! 






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