Salisbury Swimming Senior Night

(Photo taken by Ms. Deeb) 

By: Abby Christman

There are four seniors on the Salisbury Swim Team. Laura Talaber, Julia Graver, Abigail Christman, and Eliza Weiner were recognized as seniors on February 23 at the Saucon Valley swim meet. 

Because of the current situations with COVID-19,  parents were not allowed to accompany their child to senior night for the swim team. This is the first time ever parents were not allowed to accompany their child on their senior night. They had to walk on their own. Instead of a crowd of family and friends, “Saucon will be reading off the names of the seniors. Ms. Deeb will also be putting a post on social media,” head coach Mackenzie Sikora said in an email to the seniors. 

After warmups, Saucon Valley athletic director Mr. Frey read off all of the seniors’ names. Then, Salisbury’s athletic director Ms. Deeb took a picture of all the seniors with the pool in the background. She made a post on Instagram and the Salisbury app, the purpose of this was to share with parents and the community who could not attend the event in person. 

“I’m sorry that we are not allowed to hold normal senior nights due to COVID and not having home meets but at least it is something. There are posters made for you all too,” said head coach Mackenzie Sikora. 

 At the Saucon Valley swim meet before warmups, sophomore swimmer Ella DeFazio created a poster for each of the seniors. They read, “Kick it Christman,” “Lovely Laura,” “Elegant Eliza,” and “Jammin Julia.”

Because of the current situation with COVID-19, swimmers were not given a typical senior night. Most of the time there is someone who reads off the names and information but the swim team does not have their own pool so they had to use the Saucon Valley pool. Even though they couldn’t have a “normal” night, they were overall happy that they still got something and they made the best of it.  







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