Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: First Impressions

By Mason Bryant

Story – dropped into a world not knowing who you are

The game starts with a ship under attack. You hear how you must go rescue your commander. When you reach where she was supposed to be, you find her gone. After getting in an escape pod, you must now search for her on a strange planet. The rest of your time on this planet will be spent searching for your commander.


The controls heavily use the mouse and the menus, with most work falling on the mouse. You move forward with W and backwards with S, and to continue moving and not running into walls, you need to move the camera with A and D.


The gameplay of KOTOR isn’t for everyone because it can involve some micro management in combat of your resources and health between you and your allies. And since you have to switch between allies to heal, you can easily end up with a team wipe. You will also have to spend points after a level up wisley, as certain attributes can make certain situations easier. You will also have to worry about having good team compositions so your team is well rounded for multiple tasks. However all this management may not intrest those who just want to level up their character and immerse themselves in the story. The game can also have you backtracking far across the map at certain times which when marathoning this game can become tedious.






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