Productivity: How to Use Your Time

by Cole Wasilow

With all this free time, it may be tough finding a way to get motivated and use it productively. One thing that all current juniors and even sophomores can do is SAT prep.

Khan academy provides a free SAT prep service which focuses on all areas that will be on the test and gives very detailed explanations of the different sections.

If you aren’t thrilled with your PSAT score, spending thirty to sixty minutes a day on Khan can boost your score on the SAT significantly.

Another way to be productive during this time is to stay active. Whether it is going for  a run or doing at home workouts, these activities have proven to be beneficial for your mental health and get you in better shape.

Lastly, I believe that attending the class zoom sessions is a great way to stay in contact with your peers and teachers. Attending these meetings makes getting the assignments done much easier, especially if it’s new material.






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