When Will Life Return to Normal?

by Cole Wasilow

Many of us are probably thinking to ourselves, when will life return to normal?

The past month has felt like an eternity for most people I’ve interviewed. According to an epidemiologist at Harvard, when the rules and regulations for social distancing are lifted, we could see a second wave of cases which would put us back to where we are now.

Professionals say that unless vaccinations are readily available, it wouldn’t be wise for the country to reopen.

Mike Pence said that there have been about 1.2 million tests given which equals roughly 1 in every 273 citizens in the US, although professionals think there are much more cases throughout the country that haven’t yet been tested.

This doesn’t give health and medical professionals a good idea of how big this virus really is. Developers say that the vaccination could take up to a year to be developed and distributed throughout the country.

There really are no good estimates as to when the social distancing rules will be lifted, although many say it will be at least another month or two.






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