Salisbury’s Annual 2020 Dodgeball Tournament

By Timmy Buda

Salisbury’s annual dodgeball tournament is a staple in the community. Every year in March, SGA holds a dodgeball tournament in the main gym to help raise money for our school. Whether it’s a senior team, or a freshman team, all students and types of teams are accepted.

Teams are compiled of 8 players total including one “coach”, meaning a staff or teacher representative. Teams are also required to have 3 girls. You are also welcome to come spectate the event. The crowd is usually large and rowdy!

The past 5 years WFMZ news station has participated putting in a team consisting of various news anchors and people Salisbury residents would recognize from television! Another team participating is the Salisbury Fire Department.

The tournament is open to other schools as well. Did you know New York Giants running back and Whitehall native, Saquan Barkley played in our tournament before? 

Salisbury is excited to get everybody out on March 16th for a great turnout and an exciting tournament. 3 years in a row the tournament has been dominated by 1 team, the Average Joes. The Average Joes are led by head football coach Andy Cerco along with a variety of baseball and softball players. Hopefully 2020 will crown a new champion. 






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