Motivation Melancholy

By Maggie Eckhart

As the third quarter comes stumbling in, it’s hard to remain motivated to achieve and maintain quality grades. Here are a few tips to keep those grades in tip top condition.  

  1. Define a goal: Find out what you want to accomplish. Whether it’s to maintain or improve your grades, figure out what specidifly you want to get done.  
  1. Make up a plan: Create a schedule with steps on how you plan to achieve that goal. 
  1. Remain positive: Remember that the process will not occur overnight. It’s going to take time and effort. There will be bumps in the road but stay supportive of yourself. 
  1. Get organized: Being organized is very beneficial. They do say that an uncluttered desk means an uncluttered mind. With a clear stream of thought, you will be way more productive. 
  1. Keep it fun: If you want to keep your focus, make it more interesting for you. Add a little fun to your work. 
  1. Reward yourself: Once you accomplish your goals reward yourself. It took so much effort to achieve it; this way you remain motivated.






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