Boys’ Basketball Season Comes to an End

By Quinn Wittman

On Friday, February 21st, the boys played Wilson taking place at Northern Lehigh High School. The starting five was Patrick Foley, Quintin Stephens, Kenyo Herrera, Treyce Weber, and Quinn Warmkessel. 

Senior Joe Panarello did not start due to missing 3 days of practice because of a stomach bug. Joe was barely at 80 percent for Friday’s game, at tip off he had a 101 fever. The boys started off strong in the first quarter, starting the game with Patrick Foley hitting the first three pointer. 

The boys started off the game running a 2-3 zone because of the size avantage on the inside with 6’6 Jahad Range. But was held in check for most of the game until late in the 3rd quarter.

The second possession Quintin Stephens drew two defenders and converted the and one to put the falcons up 6-0. The following possession an opposing Wilson player hit a 3 in the corner. 

The game was a close score the entire game. Someone would score from Salisbury and Wilson would get it back the next possession. Comparing the teams, Salisbury and Wilson are both high quality teams. They can move the ball well and put it in the basket. Everyone knew going into the game, it was going to be tough. Both teams had to compete at their best level to get the win. 

At half time, the score was 32-29 wilson was up. During the halftime talk, Coach Weaver said to keep their head up at all times and that the boys were in this game to win. He said that the boys did not do a good enough job of boxing out and rebounding. He then said  if they wanted to win we were going to have to do those two things. 

Back on the court, the third quarter was off to a fast start as the Falcons scored the first point from Quinn Warmkessel’s basket. But much like the first half Wilson came back and got a basket. Competing for the win in the fourth quarter, the score still remained close at 41-39. As the fourth quarter went on, the Falcon’s fell behind and could not keep the ball in their own hands. 

The Falcon’s sadly ended up losing 54-45. Warmkessel led the team with 15 points. This was not the result they wanted, but they will use this to fuel up for next year. 

Fan’s got ready for the game on the Fan Bus provided 
Photo credit: Mr. Hahn






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