Valentine’s Day Ideas

By Samantha Gibisser and Isabella Kirschman

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love. Stuck on what to get your partner or friend? Look at the list below for some awesome ideas. 

  • Hearts in a jar- Fill a jar with heart shaped little pieces of paper and write one thing you love about that person on each one. 
  • The Jewels- Jewelry is definitely a way to the heart (even smaller jewelry like earrings and rings). Pandora is a good place for these. 
  • Softies- Many girls love soft items like blankets, stuffed animals and even pillows. Walmart, Target and Ross sells these inexpensively. 
  • Cologne- Smelling good is something we all love! Some places to get cologne are Hollister, American Eagle, and Sephora. 
  • Mugs- Both men and women love mugs. Especially customized mugs. Some ideas could be, the day you started dating, both names in a heart, or even just a cute quote! 

Many Clubs got involved in the making of cards, candy bags, etc.. One of the clubs that got involved was STARs and they made $1 candy and chocolate bags. 

Some other clubs that got involved were G.I.V.E., and they created candy bags and gave them out for free. Also, Aveidum gave out assorted valentine’s cards to students as they came into the school.  






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