District Practices Are a Drag

By Ella DeFazio

Swimmers gear up in drag suits and tights for practice from now until the end of the month to prepare them for the Last Chance meet on February 15th, and 2A swimming districts on February 28th and 29th.  

The Salisbury swim team will suit up in drag suits, which are used to create drag in the water which prevents them from swimming faster.  Drag makes it harder for them to swim which helps build up more muscle and speed for a race. These drag suits are normally too big, so they will weigh swimmers down in the water.

Photo Credit: Ella DeFazio

The tights are also used to create drag.  The more a swimmer uses the tights the more stretched out and holey they get.  The loose tights also weigh swimmers down and make it hard to go fast.  

Swimmers will also start tapering for the Districts meet.  Tapering is traditionally practiced before an important event.  To taper, a swimmer must have significantly reduced exercises to make sure they are well rested, which is important for optimal performance. 

Practices from now on are only open to swimmers qualified for districts and swimmers who want to race in the Last Chance meet.  The Last Chance meet is the “last chance” for swimmers to get a qualifying time for districts. After that meet, they are no longer able to qualify.  

Swimmers are working hard at practices to drop times for the most important meet of the year.  Doing well in Districts would mean a lot to the team.






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