Will a Catfish Win?

By Samantha Gibisser

The Circle is a thrilling show that keeps everyone wanting to know what will happen next. This show is a social media based show and can be seen as super interesting. 

The show starts out with eight players, and as the show moves on, people are removed and added. The eight players each are living in the same apartment building, can’t leave, and have never seen each other face to face. 

Each player has to set up a profile for themselves, where they can either be their true self or a catfish. 

The players each have to rate each other from 1st place to 7th place, and then the finals are picked. The most popular two are called influencers, and they have to both decide on one person they want to block out of the circle. 

When a person is blocked, they are no longer living in the apartment building. After they’ve been blocked, they are allowed to meet one other player face to face.

After they meet one person, they leave a video for the rest of the players to show if they were a catfish or real. Now that they have left, a new player will be added. 

The players keep chatting with each other through their television until the final circle of five people is left.  

This show is super nerve-wracking and keeps its viewers excited to see if their favorite player will be in the last five of the circle. This show is good for people who love watching new shows and keeping up with social media.  






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