Students Save the World

Model UN heads off to Baltimore for annual JHUMUNC conference where they solve world issues

By Ryann Thomson

The Yom Kippur War, World War I, Catalonian secession: these are just a few of the global issues that Salisbury’s Model UN students will try and solve at the Baltimore Model United Nations (UN) conference in early February. 

Every year, Johns Hopkins University holds a nationwide Model UN conference for 4 days. Students from all over the country come to try and make a better future for the state of their country and the world as a whole. 

Photo Credit: Best Delegate

Model UN is popular club that mocks the conferences of the real United Nations; the schools that hold these conferences will take past or present issues and give each person a name or a country.

There are an unlimited amount of issues to choose from; past topics have ranged from a futuristic world where there is no more food and water, to Disney princesses coming together to stop evil in their kingdoms.

Then for a certain amount of time, students will discuss possible options for ways to fix their issue, and by the end they have presented a solution to the issue.

Everyone then votes on each possible solution, and the most popular ones will get passed.

This year, certain students have been entered into a crisis committee, where incidents including assassinations, nuclear war, and rebuilding of governments are common. 

For this year’s JHUMUNC Conference, 15 Salisbury students will all try to resolve their own issues. 

Emily Ringhom will be apart of the 1918 United States Senate as she tries to stop the Red Scare and negotiate peace after World War I.

Madison Ekdahl will be preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup as her room discusses corruption in Qatar, where the next World Cup is set to be held.

Eliza Weiner must tackle the Yom Kippur War. She and four other rooms will all work against one another to try and sway the war to their side. 

These students are ecstatic about their topics and have been preparing since January, and hopefully their hard work will pay off with great resolutions and prizes to bring home to Salisbury.






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