School is Way Too Cool

By Destynie Lichtenwalner

Ever been sitting in class and all of a sudden get chills? Or how about when wearing a sweatshirt? 

Feel the need to take it off mid-lesson? How about investigating this topic a little more? Some rooms are naturally cold. Others can go from perfect temperature to freezing. 

There may even be a room or two that never gets cold. Why is this? Recently, there have been a few problems with the HVAC (Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning) system. 

After a few days, the problem was fixed. Still, some rooms remain freezing or uncomfortably warm. 

Each room changes from first block to the end of the day. To come up with a general answer, a small amount of data was collected from five different classrooms over a period of two days from block 1 to Falcon period. 

The first day of analyzing, rooms 006, 110, and 140 presented as warm compared to rooms 117 and 118 which were cold. By Falcon Period the same day, the rooms had all became freeing cold except for room 117 which had become warm. 

The second day of analyzing, rooms 006, 110, and 118 had presented as being comfortable while rooms 006, 117, and 140 were cooler. As Falcon rolled around, rooms 006, 140, 118, and 117 became quite cold. Room 110 was cool. 

Outside of the classrooms, the school itself was a stable temperature. So why can’t each classroom stay the same? 

Until a true answer is discovered, make sure to bring a sweatshirt and stay warm.






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