Girls’ Basketball Senior Night

By Quinn Wittman

Girls’ Basketball took on Catasauqua Rough Riders on January 14th for their 2019-2020 senior night.

The seniors recognized were Jenna Sartorius and Madison Bettuccio. Jenna started for her first varsity minutes as #32, and due to a shoulder injury, Madison (#34) was cheering loudly from the bench. The starting lineup for the special night was Jenna Sartorius, Krystle Aungst, Hannah Kamp, Ariana Young, and Quinn Wittman. 

Before the game, the seniors were gifted flowers and announced with their family. Up first was Sartorius who walked out with her mother, Erin. Jenna’s favorite memory from basketball was choosing to play her last year. She was actually really glad she was able to have fun with such great girls as her teammates.

Jenna’s plans for the future are to attend college that is undecided for business and communications. Bettuccio was up next, walking out with her mother Jen and her father Dan. Madison’s favorite memory from basketball was backpedaling and managing to break her wrist against Melena. Her future plans are to attend Police Academy and become a police officer. 

The Falcons came out to play hard and were ready to take on the Rough riders. The first time the Falcons played the Rough riders, it was the start of the season with a final result of the Falcons losing 21-38. The team wanted to turn that around and come out with a win.

The first half looked good; it was a 50/50 game, and either team could get a win in the end. At the end of the second quarter, the Falcons were up by 2 points.

In the locker room, Dan (the coach) told the team to keep calm and stay strong on defense, to stay out of foul trouble, and to keep moving the ball on offense. If the Falcons kept the intensity they had in the first half, the game could be theirs.

Coming out in the second half, the girls played well. The game seemed like it was always tied. Falcons switching from man defense to zone, they always pushed the ball up the court, and their shots were going in. But so were the Rough Riders’ shots.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Catty was up by 4, but Ariana Young hit a three to keep the Falcons in the game.

With a minute left, a Rough Rider was sent to the foul line and drained both her shots, leaving the Falcons down. Unfortunately there was not enough time on the clock for the Falcons to score. The ending score was 39-36, Catty winning. 

Although it wasn’t the result the Falcons wanted, they played very well and kept their heads in the game until the very last second.







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