Salisbury’s 5th Annual Community Breakfast Brings the Community Closer

By Timmy Buda

This past weekend Salisbury Township and Salisbury School District partnered to run its 5th annual community breakfast. Salisbury is known for its size and the people who make the community amazing. 

The community of Salisbury is a tight knit group where it’s easy to participate and be active in different events or activities. The breakfast, open to Salisbury township residents, alumni, and employees, had a very high attendance with even musical performances from current Salisbury students ranging from elementary to high school.

 The event was held in the cafeteria, and food options included pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, coffee, and juices with all breakfast being free of charge. Residents also had free range to sit where they pleased.

 Interactions between different generations of Salisbury alumni was what I felt was the staple to this event. Old classmates reunited, and different generations talked about changes to the school. The genuine kindness and caring nature of Salisbury residents is what shines through events such as the community breakfast. 







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