Junior Spotlight: Eliza Wiener

By Maggie Eckhart

Procrastination, boredom and distraction are obstacles most high schoolers faces but a select few are lucky enough to not be overwhelmed by these problems. Eliza Wiener is one of those students here at Salisbury High school. I sat down and interviewed her about what she does in her free time and how she has become so successful. 

What do you do in your free time?

ELIZA: “I enjoy reading and watching YouTube videos. I recently got really into sewing, so I’m excited to start some new projects with that too.”

Do you participate in any clubs here? 

ELIZA: “I am in debate, model UN, and scholastic scrimmage as well as in the jazz band. I also perform in theater and am a co-captain of the girls’ varsity swim team. In the fall I was on the cross country team.”

How many AP/honors classes are you in? 

ELIZA: “I am in 4 AP classes and 3 honors classes.”

Do you think you have a good work ethic?

ELIZA: “I like to think that I have a good work ethic. It is something my parents instilled in me.”

What colleges are you looking into?

ELIZA: “I’m looking into a bunch of urban colleges in the Northeast that offer good biology/neuroscience programs as well as good theater programs.”

Have any colleges reached out to you? 

ELIZA: “I’ve gotten plenty of letters and emails from colleges, but these are really just based off of PSAT and automatically go to a lot of people.”

Anyone who has been around Eliza knows that she is an intelligent, hardworking student. She has earned her way to the top and has surely made a name for herself. 

As a fellow procrastination victim, I can say I that being a top ‘dog’ is not easy. It’s all about persistence and creating positive habits to make positive change.   







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