IHOP’s New, Faster Food Chain, Flip’d

By Cole Wasilow

Our favorite breakfast restaurant, IHOP, is opening a new chain of fast food restaurants called “Flip’d by IHOP”. As you could expect, this restaurant will focus on serving food that you could find at an IHOP restaurant, including pancake bowls, egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, chicken sandwiches, and salads to go. 

Flip’d restaurants will have limited seating so most offerings will be able to be eaten on the go. Despite the lack of competition right now, Wendys has announced it will start serving breakfast next year, in addition to Dunkins new breakfast items. 

One advantage to IHOP’s Flip’d is that they prepare the food freshly when you order it, which much of their competition can’t match.

 Flip’d locations will be built in Atlanta, New York, Washington, Denver, and San Francisco; although, IHOP president Jay Johns can’t give an exact number of stores opening.







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