Hanukkah Lost?

By Isabella Kirchsman

Hanukkah has been around for thousands of years. Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah for eight days. They get gifts and have parties. Is Hanukkah starting to fade?!

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 10.19.14 AMLately Hanukkah decorations and cards have been hard to find in places like Target. A customer by the name of Avital Barnea went to her local Target wanting to buy some cards and decorations to celebrate Hanukkah this year but when she asked workers where they were, the workers had no idea and went looking around the store for them. 

According to a Newsela article, “How Hanukkah gets lost in the holiday retail rush”, people have theories that stores might not be selling Hanukkah items as much anymore because “retailers know that they won’t see huge profits from Hanukkah sales, so they have little incentive to stock a range of options.” 

Will this be a forever issue?! Will it get worse?!







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