By Destynie Lichtenwalner

Salisbury students, Lindsey Rapp and Nevaeh Robinson, have been continuously working alongside English teacher Ms. Schneider in their favored club, G.I.V.E. Just recently, the team put together the annual Third Street Alliance Necessities Drive in order to donate to women and children this winter. 

December 18th was the final day to bring in any items to donate and many students have already participated in bringing in items from the designated list. The club itself has made a huge effort to bring attention to this project, and is hoping to get more people involved and to start an effort of change. 

Lindsey and Nevaeh admitted “The hardest part of the whole process is getting people to actually participate. Many students have a hard time committing to help out with the drive.” Lindsey’s main goal is to “Keep people participating”, Nevaeh’s goal is to “make people realize how fortunate they are, we have so many supplies that people take for granted”.

Lindsey and Nevaeh are hoping for a final outcome of around 600 items, but they are strongly passionate about reaching last year’s totals of about 800+ items. “We have noticed a push in the last week, we think, right now, we are under what we hoped for.” Nevaeh stated.

So far, about 100-150 people have donated around 400-500 items, which have been collected from November 18th to December 12th. The drive had ended up with 1450 items, which is way more than last year.

 Members of G.I.V.E had high hopes for the donations and have even higher hopes for future events. “We started all newer drives, mainly by ourselves. But we do it to show others that we don’t do it just because, but because everything has a good cause.”







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