Fresh Start

First Game of the Boys’ Basketball Season

By Samantha Gibisser and Isabella Kirschman

Salisbury Boys Varsity Basketball team had their first game Friday, December 6th. The varsity team had their first game against Blue Mountain Varsity team. 

Friends and family cheered them on from the stands. The students and peers of the basketball players stomped and screamed to help cheer on the team.

The game was free to all students, and cost 4-5 dollars for seniors and adults. The game started around 6:45 pm and ended around 8:30 pm. 

The varsity starters are Quinn Warmkessel, Treyce Weber, Quinton Stephens, Patrick Foley and Joseph Panarella. The first half of the game ended with a score of Blue Mountain 22 and Falcons 18. 

By the second half, Falcons bounced back and scored 30 points. But, the Blue Mountain team also quickly scored 43 points. Falcon cheerleaders cheered on the boys, and did flips at center court at half time. 

Falcons and Blue Mountain ended the game with Blue Mountain with a score of 65 and Falcons with a score of 48. It was a good game and boy teams put forth their best effort for the start of the season.







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