A Look Into A SHS Swim Practice

By Ella DeFazio

Our very own SHS swim team starts off the season with a loss against Moravian Academy on Friday.  Despite the loss, the Falcon swimmers are holding their heads high in hopes of future wins.  Here is an inside look on what a varsity swim practice is like.

Swimmers show up to KidsPeace Broadway to start practice at 3.  Girls and boys split up into locker rooms and get changed into their swimsuits.  After changing, swimmers get together their goggles and swim cap to start the practice.

Most practices start out with a long warm up consisting of swimming many laps or using the kick boards and pool buoys.  Then, the swimmers dive into their main set which takes up the majority of practice time. Lastly, the swimmers do a long swim to cool down their bodies after swimming a sprinting set.

At 5 o’clock, when practice is over, the swimmers head back into the locker room to change and head home for the night.

 One of the swim team’s captains, junior Julia Graver, gives advice to new swimmers.   “Don’t get in your own head. Swimming is a mental sport, and if you get too inside your head, you’re going to have a hard time getting out of it,” she said.







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