Wintry Weather Ahead

By Destynie Lichtenwalner

Wintery weather of freezing rain, snow, and ice, is quickly approaching. Many students are able to drive, of course, but on days like these, it’s extremely dangerous. 

The farmer’s almanac has made a decent prediction for this year already. Are you ready for it? Farmers and other participants who grow their own fruits and vegetables have a particular pattern that they believe can predict the weather. 

0Predictions have been submitted already from Melissa Bunker, who collects persimmon seeds from her backyard. The seeds announce there is plenty of snow this winter. 

When persimmon seeds are examined, they can be varied by their shape. If it appears to have a spoon, fork, or knife shape, it classifies as a different prediction. 

Spoons say- Lots of snow

Forks say- Mild winter

Knives say- Bitterly cold 

While harvesting eight seeds, Bunker found Two knives, three forks, and three spoons. Winter, will definitely be quite cold for this 2019-2020 season.







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