New York’s First Electric Taxi

By Cole Wasilow

Tired of getting scooped up in an old Ford or Nissan while traveling through New York?

taxiYou may just get lucky and see the groundbreaking fully electric Tesla Model 3 pick up passengers.  New York’s taxi and limousine commission has just deemed the Model 3 worthy of hauling passengers around the city.

This is a huge breakthrough for taxi transportation since the Model 3 has no emissions, unlike its ancient competitors such as the Ford Crown Victoria or Nissan NV200. 

Like other taxis in the city, all Model 3’s will be fitted with a yellow paint job, an illuminated roof sign, and a partition with security cameras monitoring the driver and passengers. 

Using the 5 superchargers placed around the city, drivers will need to plan out when and how long they will charge the cars in order to get as much driving time as possible.

Despite some consumers not caring what kind of taxi they arrive in, the Tesla Model 3 has many more benefits than just appearance. One main reason for the shift in taxi usage in the city is due to its amount of air pollution. Since New York’s one of the smoggiest cities in the nation, professionals think that changing the taxi fleet from gas guzzlers to EV’s could make a huge impact.







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