The Walking Dead: Looking Back

By Fernando Candelario-Rodriguez

“The Walking Dead”  is a show about a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse while trying to fight off other survivors that might try to kill them as well. There are nine seasons of “The Walking Dead.”

In the starting seasons there are a large group of people, but as the seasons progressed, we were left off with a much smaller group due to the deaths of the other survivors. As well as losing survivors, the team also finds new people along the way, making allies and enemies.  Season 1 started off at the hospital where Rick woke up weak and confused. He stumbled through the hospital passing dead bodies and doors covered with blood. When Rick managed to get out of the hospital, he met two other survivors. The other survivors let Rick know what was going on and set him on his way. Along the way Rick met new people and found himself a group and his family. The group started off as nice regular people just trying to survive and live a regular life. But as the seasons went on, they seemed to turn into zombie killing machines. They grew cold on the inside due to the new world they were living in; they were forced to adapt.

“The Walking Dead” today hasn’t changed a lot compared to the other seasons. It’s almost as if it was the same episode over and over again. In the beginning we lost a couple of main characters this needed to happen to make the show progress. But in the newer seasons very important main characters are lost for almost no reason. The show isn’t just losing characters, it is losing cast as well. Danai Gurira, the actor who plays Michonne in the TV show, will be leaving “The Walking Dead” at some point during Season 10. Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick and Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie are also scheduled to leave the show. It appears “The Walking Dead” is coming to an end very soon. “The Walking Dead” was a good show at first, but they fell off in the newer seasons. 








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