Homecoming Pep Rally

By Samantha Gibisser

Salisbury Student Advisory members helped prep and decorate for the Homecoming pep rally in the weeks leading up to it.

The Salisbury High School students helped plan a theme and decorate the gym for the pep rally. The pep rally took place on Friday, October 4th, 2019, during Falcon Period. Students involved in their grade’s Student Advisory Club, came up with designs and prepped many weeks before the pep rally.

Freshmen came up with “Fiesta de Freshmen” as their theme, sophomores picked “Cloudy with a Chance of Sophomores,” Juniors chose “Super Smash the Bulldogs,” and the seniors picked “Senior Story.”

Photo credit: James Hahn

Some students involved with the decoration and prep of the pep rally decided to stay after school the night before the pep rally to help put up decorations. Also, some students came in a little early to school the day of the pep rally to help make sure all the decorations were still up for the judging. 

The pep rally took place in the New Gym, during an extended Falcon Period.  There was music, screaming contests, the man dance, and pie eating contests. Students got involved with school spirit throughout the week. There was a homecoming parade after school, and then the homecoming football game against Northern Lehigh. Students dressed in blue and white on Friday to show school spirit for the pep rally and the Homecoming football game. Many students had fun preparing and decorating for the Homecoming pep rally.








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