SHS Field Hockey: Season Recap

By Ella DeFazio

This season the SHS field hockey team was focused on staying committed and building close relationships with each other.  Although the team had a rough go at the start of the season, they were still holding their heads high and were ready to push through their struggles together as a team.

Photo Credit: Monica Deeb

Head Coach Jane Brennan said, “I feel that time spent together, shared passions, memories made and overcoming adversity together develops a strong bond. I also find it amazing how people you might never be associated with on a day-to-day basis form close bonds with each other because of a common passion each shares. I think everyone who belongs to a team forms a certain respect for one another no matter how talented they are. One may never know what one may be dealing with off the field- but on- we strive for a common goal and if we know we are there for each other it makes for a great place to be. It truly forms a family or sisterhood that sticks with us years down the road.”  With an ending result of 5 wins and 11 loses, the team understands that next year they have to work hard and be confident in each other to accomplish their goals.

Photo Credit: SHS Instagram

As a way to further bond as a group and raise money for the team, SHS field hockey held a clothing drive, on Saturday, September 14th.  The drive ran from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m, giving donors lots of time to drop off as much as they could.  The players helped carry bags of clothes and toys from trucks and cars to the front of the school. Girls from the MS field hockey team joined the group and helped out the HS girls as well.  The girls had fun listening to music and bonding while working hard for the community.



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