Ten Things to Do This Summer

By Gabi Lozada

With school ending shortly, I’m sure many of you will be looking to make plans with your friends so you all can stay close and connected. Listed below are some fun ideas of things you can do alone or with friends during summer break.

  • Unplug and go connect with your real friends
  • We basically live on our phones or any electronic device these days. We can connect with anyone around the world instantly but we lack the ability to deeply connect with those who are sitting in front of us. Be sure to unplug and take some time to connect with the person facing you. Go enjoy yourself with some of your friends and connect with the world as well—face to face.
  • Go to the beach, lake, river and experience the sun and swim
  • The summertime is the best time to go someplace to swim and explore. Do a little day trip or a weekend excursion and enjoy the cool water and the sunshine. Going to swim in a serene place is one of the most fun things to do with some friends—in my opinion.
  • Go hiking or camping
  • PA has so many beautiful parks, walking trails, and mountains to go and explore. Take some time to get some fresh air, exercise, and see the beautiful greenery that surrounds us. Literally, do anything outside and enjoy our beautiful planet.
  • Have a bonfire with your best buds
  • If you happen to have a fire pit or a friend has one, then have a bonfire. These are so fun on those summer nights to sit in the warm weather and talk, laugh, make smores, and, most importantly, make memories.
  • Go to the drive-in movies
  • We have a wonderful drive-in movie theatre in the area. Go with your friends or family or date (wink wink) and enjoy a movie outdoors. If you go at night, you can see the sunset and the stars. It’s wonderful.
  • Go to an outside concert
  • In the summer, there are so many outdoor concerts, especially in the city. Go listen to your favorite bands in the sun or under the moon. It’s definitely going to be a fun time, promise.
  • Watch the sunset from a beautiful place
  • You could totally watch the sunrise in the morning if that suits you best. Personally, I would not want to wake up that early when I can easily sleep in, so I watch the sunset. Step outside for just, roughly, 10 minutes and watch the sky’s colors blend and turn into the night.
  • Explore a new place
  • Grab a friend—or two or three or fifteen if you wish—hop in the car and drive someplace you’ve never been before, perhaps a quaint town, and explore. Try new things, have fun, be safe, and live free.
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Spend a thrilling day in Dorney, Six Flags, or Hershey. Ride as many rides as you dare and enjoy a day in the sun. It is super fun.
  • Find a book you love and read outside
  • This is probably one of the most mellow suggestions but some days you just need to chill so take a day just for you. Grab a book that interests you and step outside to read it. You can do this on a hammock, the beach, the pool, laying in the grass, whatever is keen to you. Reading a book will take you on the greatest adventure.




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