Eight Things Guys Do That Are Super Unattractive

By Gabriella Lozada

Spring is around the corner and love is blooming. In this new season, it is crucial that guys know and make effective change to suit what girls actually find attractive. This is a PSA from all girls ever (This is not meant to offend, just to make y’all aware)!

  • Don’t wear too much cologne or AXE
    • Are you trying to give me an asthma attack? A little cologne goes a long way. A subtle scent is really nice. However, if a girl walks towards you and gets hit by a wave of AXE, you have to tone it down.
    • Please don’t be completely opposite either. Please smell good and be clean. Just don’t overdo it
  • Too cool is not cool
    • Be attentive
    • Do things that you both like to do.
    • Be kind to her, her friends, and her fam (just be kind to everyone—girls don’t like mean boys)
    • Be as positive as possible. No one likes a little depressed letdown.
  • Stop flexing (no one cares what your mom got you)
    • She doesn’t care what you’re wearing; she cares about who you are
    • Don’t be cocky, be kind
  • Don’t have facial hair
    • If you’re a teenage boy, why are you trying to look like a grown man? Stop. Facial hair is gross especially if you are not clean. 
    • If you can’t fully grow facial hair, why are you trying? It’s just sad when it’s just a small bush sitting on your face
    • Please just stay clean shaven—it’s cuter
  • Confidence, not cockiness
    • Confidence is key, always. However, no one likes a show-off. Don’t be arrogant or proud.
    • It is great to be secure in yourself but don’t act like you’re all that and a bag of chips.
  • Don’t act like you don’t care
    • Acting like you don’t care about anything is such a turn-off and so boring because then she finds it hard to approach you or have a conversation with you
    • Care about things that she cares about
    • Be passionate about the things that you like
    • Be open
  • Yo! Be clean
    • Boys that are not clean and smell bad are just gross to be around
    • Keep yourself and your room clean
    • It’s quite attractive when a guy has his stuff together
  • Don’t be on your phone all the time. 
    • Talk to her. Look in her eyes and have a conversation
    • Be attentive and in the times that you share together, give her all your attention and just live in that moment
    • Talk to all your friends and play Fortnight later





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